Going for it – Allison Dorst, Founder/CEO of Pinks & Greens

Allison DorstOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, Allison Dorst joins us as our special guest. Allison is the founder of Pinks and Greens, the premiere one-stop online destination for women’s sports and active wear. Pinks and Greens is a different kind of sportswear company with a personalized approach to customer service and hand-selected styles from over 75 national and boutique brands for workout, golf and tennis. Sports and active ware is actually one of the fastest growing segments in retail, and really one of the only bright spots in retail currently.

After growing up and going to school in the south, Allison moved to NY to start her career in the corporate world. 10 years later, she was selected to do a startup as a branch of her current company in the financial world. Even though it was funded by company she worked for, through a lot of hard work and ingenuity, she helped build this company from the ground up, getting the name and brand visible. That experience, while extremely hard, helped Allison discover her calling and changed the course of her career.

Allison joins me today to share her journey, insight and advice for founders in the funding game. Allison’s advice is both inspiring and absolutely vital to all founders at any stage of the funding game. Listen in to learn how you too can learn how to ensure you aren’t leaving money and investors at the table. And remember, you will have multiple failures before you get the win. It’s learning from the failures and growing that will help you win!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How launching a startup helped Allison discover more about herself.
  • How to know when to start looking for funding.
  • Allison’s two-part capital-raising plan.
  • Why most investors don’t understand the pain-point for consumers and  the necessity for companies like Pinks & Greens.
  • How taking a chance helped Allison find an amazing investor.
  • Why you should not ignore the obvious things in a meeting or pitch.

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