Show your Bliss – Allison Strouse, CEO and Founder of Yarly

Allison StrouseOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, our very special guest is a visionary and an entrepreneur, Allison Strouse. Allison is the Founder and CEO of Yarly, the only photo management platform that uses the help of local, certified photo experts.

In this age of high technology, we take thousands of photos with a multitude of digital devices without taking the time to preserve the memories for ourselves and the future generations of our families. With this in mind, Allison and her team set out to solve this problem by creating Yarly. Today, they help connect photo takers with photo professionals in their area to guide them and assist them with getting the most out of their memories.

Join us as Allison tells her story of becoming an entrepreneur and founding Yarly. She talks about the importance of putting your heart and soul into your business and explains why you might want to consider bootstrapping your it. Allison also shares her phenomenal insights on fundraising and imparts actionable advice to all founders, no matter which market you’re in. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Allison became an entrepreneur and founded Yarly.
  • How Allison and her team discovered their revenue model.
  • Why she’s glad they didn’t start raising money from day one.
  • Allison’s networking tips.
  • The importance of having your heart completely in the game.

Featured On The Show:

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