Get Comfortable Asking for Money – Angelique Mercurio, Founder of EnerKnol

Angelique MercurioToday’s episode is an amazing case study of what a motivated entrepreneur with a vision can achieve. Angelique Mercurio is the founder and CEO of EnerKnol, a company out to transform the energy industry through efficient access to this type of information for investment professionals. It is is the first comprehensive source for energy policy information. Angelique was named one of New York’s Top 10 Energy Entrepreneurs for two consecutive years.

After ​spending 10 years on Wall Street, Angelique started as an “intrapreneur” within Barclays before going out on her own. Realizing that much of investment capital was moving to other industries because of the highly regulated nature of the energy industry, she created a more efficient solution for energy policy information for investors.

Join us to hear Angelique’s inspiring story and her fresh experience with clearing the first angel round for one million dollars for EnerKnol. Discover the lessons she’s learned on her journey so that you can follow in her footsteps. Check it out below…

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Angelique’s story of how she got EnerKnol off the ground.
  • How she started engaging investors and where she looked for advice on doing so.
  • The importance with becoming comfortable with asking for money.
  • Why money doesn’t have to be a finite resource for your company’s growth.
  • The role market research plays in educating investors.
  • Angelique’s advice for making your pitch deck understandable to investors.
  • How Angelique and her team developed their product’s FAQ.

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