Ep #4: Brett Topche – Honesty Above All Else With Your Investor

Brett Tophce PicOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, your host, Gavin McCulley, interviews Brett Topche. Brett is the managing director of MentorTech Ventures where he has worked with multiple companies such as PayPerks, Kembrel, Curalate, Quad Learning and SnipSnap. For most of his career, he has focused on investing in eCommerce, mobile applications, digital media and business-to-business software. Brett started out, before he could even legally drink, as a summer intern and worked his way up to Associate with NJTC Venture Fund and later was a member of the Fund Investments Team at Hamilton Lane Advisors.

Listen in as Brett shares his journey to becoming an influential venture capital investor, as well as his personal expectations for any founder that he works with. Learn about what Brett looks for in companies and founders before he even considers investing in them. You do not want to miss this episode’s valuable and educational advice on how to ensure your company is the one no investor would want to miss out on.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Brett’s journey into investing.
  • 2 reasons why it is never a bad time to get started in a new venture.
  • Brett’s guidelines for choosing who he invests in.
  • Brett’s University of Pennsylvania fund that was ahead of its time.
  • Why Brett loves investing in entrepreneurs.
  • Venture capital’s dirty little secret.
  • Why you always need to have a situation awareness of where you need to supplement in your business and hire for the long term.
  • How to understand and juggle a startup’s conflicting needs.
  • The common elements that make up best pitches.
  • Brett’s biggest pitch red flags.
  • Why you need to put a lot of thought into who you choose as your personal reference.
  • The consequences of not maintaining a good investor-founder relationship.

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