The First 30 Seconds – Cam Yuill, Partner and VC at Structure VC

Cam_headshot_400x400Today, we have a special treat for our listeners. Our guest on this show is the amazing explorer, Cam Yuill. He has been a lawyer, entrepreneur, fortune 100 senior exec, and now a VC. Cam is an Aussie, who landed here in the States in 1999 to establish the beachhead for his startup company, Viator, an online travel space. Cam experienced the ultimate exit when Viator later sold to TripAdvisor for $200 million. Angel investing in startups since 2000, Cam has seen the ups and downs in the economy, Silicon Valley and everything in between.

Cam always knew he was meant to be an entrepreneur, but in Australia during his early 20s, there weren’t a lot of entrepreneurial options or funding available. Coming from a long line of successful lawyers, Cam did what was expected and went to law school. Realizing he no longer wanted to practice, and having a hard time finding a business that would hire an ex-lawyer, he decided to get his MBA and started on his entrepreneurial journey. After some success with a few companies he started in his 20s, Cam jumped on the early internet bandwagon, came to America to pitch his startup and within weeks moved to San Francisco to grow his company.

After taking the leap from entrepreneurship to a Venture Capital, Cam has been a part of some of the most popular and biggest new companies out there, including the internationally-popular Uber. Join us as Cam takes us on his journey of evolution from entrepreneur to angel investor and VC. You don’t want to miss this incredibly inspiring episode that will help you create the perfect pitch to the right investors.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Cam’s incredible journey from lawyer to entrepreneur.
  • Why Cam has decided to become a VC.
  • Cam’s zero-waste economy thesis for investing.
  • The 2 big requirements for potential investments.
  • Why you should be able to explain your business in 30 seconds or less.
  • The 2 elements of the best pitch decks.

Featured On The Show:

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