Wait and Know Your Opportunity When You See It – Carter Weiss & Frank Lin, Venture Capitalists with Silas Capital

Carter WeissHave you grown your business, found the right group of potential investors, but still haven’t had any sign on to help you grow your business? Are you constantly trying to engage potential investors by asking questions? Today, we discover some of the reasons why you can’t find an angel investor or venture capitalist ready to invest, even if in theory, you are taking all the “right” steps.

Frank+headshotIn this episode, we welcome two amazing guests, Carter Weiss and Frank Lin, the founding partners of a consumer venture capital and growth-equity firm, Silas Capital. Carter and Frank partner and invest in entrepreneurs building the next generation of consumer brands, ranging from venture-stage to growth-stage companies (with under $20 million in revenue). They are both former entrepreneurs and investors with a long track record of success across consumer, tech, and internet. They understand first-hand how to build valuable companies as well as exceptional brands.

Listen in to learn how Carter and Frank built their company and, based on their previous entrepreneurial experiences, what entrepreneurs’ actions are raising red flags for potential investors. Learn why passion is so vital to the success of your business and how you can build a pitch deck that is guaranteed to captivate the right group of investors that want to work with you.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Carter and Frank’s individual journeys to venture capitalism.
  • Why Frank feels that he is better serving entrepreneurs as an investor.
  • Why Carter says they need their sizzle and their steak when choosing investments.
  • Carter and Frank’s two preferred investment categories.
  • The difference between a want-to-preneur and an entrepreneur.
  • The best way to gain and keep an investor’s attention on you.

Featured On The Show:

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