The Power of Storytelling – Christina Bechhold, Empire Angels / Samsung

Christina BechholdToday we have a very special guest, one that I am very excited to have on The Pitch Deck, Christina Bechhold. Christina is an Angel and VC who wears multiple hats and she is here to help us conceptualize from all of those different perspectives.

Christina is a co-founder of Empire Angels, a member-led, New York-based angel group of young professionals investing in technology-enabled startups with a focus on supporting young entrepreneurs. Along with her work at Empire Angels, Christina is also a VC at Samsung’s Global Innovation Center,  focused on early stage investments in software and services. She is also a regular contributor to startups and small business for the Wall Street Journal and a mentor for Venture for America.

Christina brings an alternative look at the importance of storytelling in the pitching to investors. She gives a detailed guide to help you figure out your signature factor in your story: What are trying to tell with your business? With her help, you can craft a powerful story that lets your investors know exactly what you and your startup stand for and how you are going to change the world.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Christina started on her path to becoming an Angel and VC in middle school.
  • The events that motived Christina to create an angel group.
  • The many projects that Christina is involved with.
  • What international-based entrepreneurs need to be thinking about.
  • The #1 thing you need to remember as an international entrepreneur.
  • The two components of finding a VC relationship.
  • What gets Christina excited and interested in a potential investment.

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