Ep #17: Christy Prunier, Founder, Willa – Cultural Compatibility with Investors

Christy-Prunier-PicOur amazing guest on the Pitch Deck today is Christy Prunier, the founder and CEO of Willa.  Willagirl is a teen-focused skin care and cosmetics social selling company devoted to empowering and building self-confidence, financial independence and entrepreneurial skills in young women.

We invited Christy to share the story of her inspiring entrepreneurial journey from Willa’s conception to getting proper funding and building lasting relationships with investors. Christy shares some killer tips for delivering an awesome and dynamic pitch as well as some of the hard lessons she’s learned in the process. We also discuss how deep connections with investors can help prepare you for unexpected challenges and set your business up for success. You don’t want to miss this value-packed episode that is sure to help you on your fund-raising journey. Don’t wait…click “play” below!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Christy’s amazing story of how she became an entrepreneur and founded Willa.
  • The importance of showcasing your physical product (if you have one) to investors.
  • Why you should avoid pitching most influential VCs right off the bat.
  • The benefits of cultivating relationships with your investors.
  • How Christy decides if an investor is a good fit for her company.

Featured On The Show:

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