Wait to Raise Money Until You Are Ready – Clay Collins, CEO of Lead Pages

Clay CollinsOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, I am joined by a truly amazing guest, someone who is even influencing the way The Pitch Deck, podcast operates. Clay Collins is CEO and co-founder of LeadPages, the world’s leading landing page and lead generation platform. The company’s mission is to “Power the majority of digital signups worldwide.”

In June of this year, LeadPages announced a $27 million Series B round of funding led by Drive Capital, with participation from Foundry Group and Arthur Ventures. LeadPages has been cash flow positive since its inception in January 2013 and hasn’t spent any of its venture capital funds raised to date.

Clay brings an inspiring look at how starting a blog and creating content that draws a massive following can help you develop a business that could change the world. You don’t want to miss Clay’s insightful look into how starting a business doesn’t have to follow the “norm” for creation, funding and development.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Clay’s path to entrepreneurialism.
  • How Wine Library TV changed the way Clay approached his content creation.
  • The innovative way that Clay used his blog to start LeadPages.
  • How Clay was able to create his business by getting his followers to vote with their dollars.
  • How to get past the paralyzing pre-launch fears.
  • Why Clay decided to raise money.

Featured On The Show:

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