Inside Corporate Venture Capital – David Horowitz, Venture Capitalist with Touchdown Ventures


On this episode of The Pitch Deck, we are extremely excited to present to you a whole new way of thinking about financing your business – Corporate Vnture Capital. Our guest today is David Horowitz, the founder and CEO of Touchdown Ventures. Before founding his VC firm, David served as a Managing Director at Comcast Ventures.

David is an amazing innovator who is changing the game of early-stage funding by creating new avenues for investment by partnering with corporations to help them begin investing in today’s startup. His firm, Touchdown Ventures, is a new firm that partners with leading corporations to help them form and manage their venture capital platforms.

Joins us as David shares his perspective on funding, his advice to founders and what he is currently doing out in the marketplace. This inside scoop into corporate venture capital will help you figure out what you should be thinking about while crafting a presentation for corporate venture capital office. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind conversation about a different way you can start thinking about financing your company.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • David’s background.
  • How to approach corporation venture capital platforms.
  • The importance of researching these investment firms.
  • Whether you should be afraid that a corporation might steal your idea.
  • What you should add or leave out of your pitch deck for corporate VCs.
  • Strategies for partnering with corporations.

Featured On The Show:

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