Be Upfront About What Your Business Does – Deborah Jackson, Founder & CEO of Plum Alley

Deborah JacksonToday, I am thrilled to have on the show today an amazing guest, one who brings a prism of insight to the show. She has such a unique background as an entrepreneur who has raised some serious money for her company, as an angel investor as well as a mentor. Her company focuses on helping female founders raise money for their businesses.

Deborah Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Plum Alley, an online site where women raise capital. Plum Alley, founded in 2011, offers women entrepreneurs a place to raise capital as well as an e-commerce platform for select female-founded companies. In addition to Deborah’s entrepreneurial pursuits, she judges startup competitions, mentors entrepreneurs and speaks at industry conferences. She has been given numerous awards and recognitions for her work promoting, advocating for and advising women entrepreneurs.

Listen in as Deborah shares her entrepreneurial and angel investing journey, starting out at Goldman Sacs on Wall Street raising money for the healthcare sector, to founding Plum Alley 21 years later. Realizing that she wanted to be a part of a company as well as be involved in new and exciting ventures instead of being on the sidelines, Deborah became an angel investor and then founded her company. You do not want to miss my interview with this incredibly insightful and motivated founder, investor and mentor.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Deborah’s Wall Street background has shaped her angel investing and company.
  • Why Deborah feels that her company was founded backwards from most.
  • A founder’s most important step to raising money.
  • Why so many founders have problems articulating what they do.
  • How Deborah and Plum Alley are helping founders.

Featured On The Show:

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