Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – Deepen Parikh, Angel Investor and VR, Interplay Ventures / NextGen Angels NYC

Deepen ParikhToday, my guest is the serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Deepen Parikh. Deepen is a Partner at Interplay Ventures, which is a NYC based incubator and investment house. He is also a founding member of NextGen Angels NYC, a group focused on bringing together like-minded investors under the age of 40, to fund early-stage startups.

Deepen joins us today to share his incredible journey from corporate life to becoming that rare combination of VC and angel investor. Deepen’s focus is now on helping early-stage founders find funding with the right investor who can help the company grow to their fullest potential. Together we explore the world of angel investors that seek to help founders drill down into their numbers, and take an honest look at their potential in the years to come.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Deepen’s journey to venture capitalism and angel investing.
  • The developments that are getting Deepen excited.
  • Deepen’s preferred type of companies to invest in.
  • The history of Interplay Ventures’ development.
  • Why Deepen is ok with saying no.

Featured On The Show:

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