A Good Deal Is A Fast Deal – Doreen Bloch, Founder of Poshly

Doreen BlochDoreen Bloch is the CEO and co-founder of Poshly, a data company for the $380 billion beauty industry. Doreen is a recipient of L’Oreal’s NEXT Generation Women in Digital Award and a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, the middle of the technology hub, and starting her career at Yahoo and SecondMarket, instilled a love of technology and entrepreneurial spirit in Doreen that she has capitalized on. Today, Doreen’s company, Poshly, is now up to 10 employees in San Francisco and New York City. Through multiple rounds of investments, she has raised more than $2 million in venture capital this year.

On this episode, Doreen shares the dream that helped start her company,  form her business plan and successfully pitch and secure funding needed for expanding the business to next level. You don’t want to miss Doreen’s actionable advice to that will ensure your deal will be the one that no VC could possibly pass up.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Doreen’s biggest lessons from raising venture capital.
  • How Doreen’s early experiences shaped her entrepreneurial drive.
  • Why she feels that entrepreneurship is like an asset class.
  • Why you should start your research on VCs as early as possible.
  • How to earn instant credibility with investors.
  • Why you want to make your deal as easy as possible.

Featured On The Show:

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