Leading with Confidence – Elizabeth Kraus, Angel/Co-Founder MergeLane

Elizabeth KrausOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, I am excited to welcome Elizabeth Kraus to the show. Elizabeth is an active angel investor and the co-founder of MergeLane. MergeLane is an accelerator for high-growth startups with at least one woman in leadership. Elizabeth and her team recruit companies from all over the world, only to accept ten select high-growth startups for its annual program.

MergeLane makes an investment in their select companies and matches them with mentors, investors and other resources to accelerate their business. Elizabeth and her co-founder, as well as other investors, are aiming to prove that investing in women isn’t just the right thing to do, but it’s the smart thing to do.

Elizabeth joins us on the show today to share her journey to angel investing and the founding of MergeLane. Through her work with over 2,500 startups, she has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge and insight into the makeup of successful startups, accelerators and pitches. You don’t want to miss Elizabeth’s tips for founders that can help you find your perfect match with an accelerator, mentor, and investor.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Elizabeth founded MergeLane.
  • MergeLane’s criteria for potential start-up investments.
  • Why many female founders tend to opt themselves out of opportunities.
  • Elizabeth’s biggest tips for entrepreneurs before they approach accelerators.
  • The four essential ingredients of a successful accelerator.

Featured On The Show:

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