Bring Your Charisma – Erik Eliason, Co-Founder of Storefront

Erik EliasonToday, on The Pitch Deck, I am excited to bring you Erik Eliason to the show. Erik is the cofounder and CEO of Storefront, the world’s largest marketplace for connecting brands and retail spaces for short-term pop-up rentals.

Erik brings incredible first-hand knowledge of the best methods of how to approach working with accelerators and what you need to know before going in. Listen in to hear how Erik, with the help of an accelerator, is changing the way entrepreneurs are finding retail space to grow and develop their brands.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Erik’s journey into entrepreneurialism.
  • Why Erik and his co-founder started Storefront.
  • How consumers are driving the market.
  • The three reasons why Erik wanted to work with Angel Pad.
  • How working with an accelerator made a difference in Storefront’s success.

Featured On The Show:

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