Tell a Beautiful Story – Erika Trautman, Founder/CEO of Rapt Media

Erika___Photo_CA2_635525123184575009Today on The Pitch Deck, we welcome our amazing guest, Erika Trautman. Together with her husband, she is the co-founder as well as the CEO of Rapt Media. Before starting Rapt Media, Erika founded and ran an Emmy award-winning production company, Outlier Films, and worked as an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Having had successful careers as a writer, producer, editor, and director, Erika deeply understands the importance of story in any communication. She  has been disappointed with today’s online video’s inability to rise to its full potential. She founded Rapt Media to make a change and has built and grown a business that is now positioned at the top of emerging video technologies, sharing the stage with greats like Sheryl Sandberg and solidifying partnerships with powerhouse companies like HBO, Maybelline and Philips.

You do not want to miss Erika’s powerful advice for creating the story that will captivate and enthrall your potential investors and customers alike. From selling her house in California to bootstrap Rapt Media to positioning herself and her company for success with networking, Erika learned valuable lessons that she shares with us today. Click “Play” below to start listening!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Erika’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • How video games influenced the creation of Rapt Media.
  • Erika’s tip to differentiating your prototype and the market-ready version of your product.
  • Why networking early is vital to fundraising.
  • The mindset you need to have when creating your pitch.
  • Erika’s formula for pitch success.
  • Why you, as a founder need to take ownership of the investment process.

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