Give to Get – Gillian Morris, CEO/Co-Founder of Hitlist

Today, we are very excited to welcome our guest, Gillian Morris, to the show. Gillian is the co-founder and CEO of Hitlist, a mobile app that helps users travel more by delivering personalized and proactive trip recommendations. Gillian’s app has been recognized as a ‘Best New App’ by the app store and was named one of the best apps of 2014 by The Next Web.

Gillian joins the show today to share her journey into the start-up world while working as a consultant and journalist, traveling throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. She shares how she married her two passions into a profitable and exciting new business that has people buzzing. You don’t want to miss Gillian’s advice that will not only help you explore the world but also couple your passion with a sustainable and profitable business plan.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How buying a plane ticket to Paris when she was 18 changed Gillian’s life.
  • Gillian’s inspiration for Hitlist.
  • The long-term research that prepared Gillian to start Hitlist.
  • Why hosting an event can help your business.
  • Gillian’s alternative to going up and asking for advice.
  • How to keep people engaged with you and your business.

Featured On The Show:

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