Choose Your Team and Co-Founders Wisely – Hadley Harris, Partner of Eniac Ventures

Hadley HarrisJoining me on today’s episode is Hadley Harris. Hadley is one of the founding general partners at Eniac Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital fund. Eniac’s focus is on investing in and developing mobile-first companies and founders to find the next mobile phenomenon.

Hadley joins us today to share his amazing journey from meeting his co-founders in college, starting two mobile technology startups, Vlingo and Thumb (which were both ultimately acquired), and founding Eniac Ventures. Hadley shares his predictions for the future of mobile technology startups and where upcoming founders should be focusing their attention. Listen in to hear Hadley’s actionable advice and insight that can help you raise money for your mobile startup and lay the groundwork for success for your company. Check it out below…

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The historic significance behind Eniac’s name.
  • Hadley’s predictions for the mobile venture sphere.
  • What Hadley and his partners at Eniac are looking for in potential companies.
  • Why Hadley feels they are uniquely positioned to help founders.
  • Hadley’s big requirements of the founding teams for potential investments.

Featured On The Show:

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