Be Your Authentic Self – Harvey Brofman, NY Angels / AngelFire Ventures

Harvey BWelcome back to another episode of The Pitch Deck! After six months of hiatus, we’re excited to be back with another great interview with an incredible special guest, Harvey Brofman.

Harvey is a seasoned professional and a serial entrepreneur. He is an early pioneer in the healthcare space, leading the development and adoption of new technology solutions in the medical, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, and payor segments of the industry.

His current roles are split between Angel Investing, working with other VC’s, angels, and startups, as well as mentoring and advising a number of early stage ventures.  He is a board member of The New York Angels and is very excited about AngelFire ventures, his venture firm which is starting to raise capital for its next seed fund.

He typically invests are in early-stage like  FinTech, Healthcare/HealthTech, mobile, Social/Analytics & Audience. However, he generally looks to invest in disruptive solutions for identifiable problems that have some form of product built and a level of market validation.

In this episode, Harvey explains why he’s so passionate about investing in startups and talks about the main qualities he looks for in potential investments. We also discuss one of the most important things that every founder should have in the startup game and during their pitches – integrity.

We can’t stress enough the importance of being your authentic self, which is a must if you’re looking to get funding from any investor. Join us to hear about the importance of always presenting yourself with integrity, as well as some other tips crucial to starting your investor relationships on the right foot.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Harvey decided to get involved with Angel Investing and the current state of AngelFire ventures.
  • Why there are so many startups out there and why it excites Harvey.
  • The key qualities Harvey looks for in startups and how he expects entrepreneurs to demonstrate them to him.
  • The importance of clearly communicating how you will scale and make money with your business.
  • Why you should NEVER lie during your presentations and pitches. Be your authentic self.
  • Why you MUST understand your customers’ journey.
  • The importance of stepping back and getting some perspective on our business.

Featured On The Show:

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