Build Relationships First, Raise Money Later – Heather Marie, Founder/CEO of Shoppable

Heather MarieOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, I am excited to welcome my incredible guest, Heather Marie. Heather is the Founder & CEO of Shoppable, a revolutionary company that make sites, mobile apps and smart TVs, Shoppable®, online through patent-pending technology.

Heather started out her entrepreneurial journey as a part of one of the founding teams at creation of Affinity Labs, a digital media company that grew to become one of the largest collections of online professional communities. After Affinity Labs was acquired by Monster Worldwide in January of 2008, Heather stayed on to help with the integration and expand her corporate experience.

Heather joins us today on the show to share tons of actionable and thought provoking advice that will push you to research, plan and map out your pitch, tailored specifically for each investor. You don’t want to miss this episode that will help you build relationships with other entrepreneurs, mentors and investors that will help you to raise the money, contacts and experience you need to succeed in the startup world.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Heather started out into the tech and startup world.
  • Heather’s inspiration for founding Shoppable.
  • Why everyone loved the idea of Shoppable, but no one had previously created the technology.
  • Why you need to start big and narrow down.
  • The big lessons Heather learned from pitching to angels.
  • Heather’s method to keeping her investors updated.

Featured On The Show:

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