Commit to Your Company – Joanne Wilson, Angel Investor and Gotham Gal

Our today’s guest is a pleasant treat for all of our listeners out there. I am extremely excited to welcome the Gotham Gal herself, Joanne Wilson, to The Pitch Deck! JoaJoanne Wilsonnne has had several careers starting out as a buyer at Macy’s to running a company in the rag trade eventually leading to spearheading sales for a start-up magazine,e-zine and events.

Joanne is a prolific angel investor, with over 70 startup investments and 70% of which are in women-lead companies. Joanne if also the founder of the Women Entrepreneur Festival. Her blog, Gotham Gal, is an incredibly popular blog which covers an array of topics from startups to culture.

We invited Joanne to share her vast expertise, knowledge and experience in the field of investing and fundraising. In this real conversation we cover  the many dos and, more importantly, the don’ts of pitching investors as well as other related topics.  Don’t miss this phenomenal interview full of great take-aways!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Joanne’s background and journey to becoming an investor.
  • What Joanne first looks for in a founding team.
  • The importance of solving real problems that you are passionate about.
  • Joanne’s biggest deal breakers in pitches.
  • The impact prior business experience of the founding team has on valuation.
  • The importance of learning from your mistakes and surrounding yourself with smart, experienced people.

Featured On The Show:

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