Ep #5: John Smith, Founder, BreaktheEquation – Culture is Key

John Smith PicSeasoned technology entrepreneur and thought leader, John Smith of Break The Equation, hops on the show today to share valuable advice. John helps organizations create innovative technologies, awesome cultures, and engaging workforces.

John believes having a strong company culture leads to strong talent…and strong talent leads to success. With his extensive experience of pitching in front of big investors, John shares the fundamental and effective elements of pitching that seals the deal. You’ll want to be all in for this episode of The Pitch Deck – it could be the key to your next successful pitch!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why you, your idea, and product are NOT the most important subjects of the pitch.
  • 4 vital elements of a pitch that most entrepreneurs forget about.
  • The 2 main things investors back.
  • Why you should be laser-focused on your company’s premise.
  • The 10/20/30 pitch rule.
  • Why you need to be comfortable with saying, “It doesn’t really matter,” when replying to investors. 

Featured On The Show:

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