Ep #18: Josh Rowland, Angel Investor, Angel Capital Group– Solve a BIG Problem


Josh Rowland PicJoshua Rowland  is the Vice Chairman of Lead Bank, an 86 year old commercial bank, dedicated to serving small business in Kansas City, Missouri. Josh is also the Executive Director of Lead Ventures, an Angel-Funded accelerator for area businesses, which invested over a million dollars in startups in the area. As part of his responsibilities, Josh oversees the bank’s Lead Business Advisors division which provides strategic, financial, and operational consulting for businesses as well as mergers and acquisitions advice. Josh is also the Kansas City Chapter President of the Angel Capital Group, which connects local angel investors to nationally sourced investment opportunities.

I invited Josh to share his story of how he got into investing and what he looks for in new potential opportunities. Tune in for some brutally honest tips from Josh as he uncovers the failures and successes of startups. Click play below to find out what it really means to solve a BIG problem and get geared up for you next pitch!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Joshua’s unique story of how he got into investing.
  • How Josh picks companies to invest in.
  • How to prove investors that you are truly “all in” with your business.
  • The biggest turn off for Josh in regards to the “problems” startups try to solve.
  • How much “control” you really lose once you enter into a partnership with an investor.

Featured On The Show:

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