It’s Your Time – Julia Shapiro & Jules Miller, Co-Founders of Hire an Esquire

Ju;les Miller and Julia ShapiroOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, we have two amazing guests – Julia Shapiro and Jules Miller. Julia  and Jules are co-founders of Hire an Esquire, the first online labor marketplace for lawyers.   They help law firms and in-house legal departments to find, manage and pay a team of attorneys on demand.

We invited Julia and Jules to share their incredible story of how they founded Hire an Esquire and acquired funding in order to grow the business. Join us to learn about the successes and failures they encountered on their fundraising journey and what they have learned in the process. Don’t miss Julia and Jules’ phenomenal advice that will help you find the right investors for your company and secure funding.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Julia and Jules founded Hire an Esquire.
  • What their fundraising process looked like.
  • How they dealt with countless “No’s” and harsh critiques.
  • The lessons they have learned in the process.
  • Julia and Jules’s 3-meeting rule for saving time during the fundraising process.
  • How they weeded out the wrong investors for Hire and Esquire.
  • Their honest advice to founders.

Featured On The Show:

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