Ep #22: Julie Iarossi, Angel Investor, Atlanta Technology Angels & Angel Capital Group – Talk To Your Potential Customers

Julie IarossiFor most business owners new to the investing world, delivering a pitch can seem like a job interview, where you need to impress upon a panel of judges why you and your business is the best choice for their time and money. And in certain aspects that is true. However, a majority of CEOs and founders fall into the trap of making it all about them, what they have done and where they project their business will be in the future, neglecting their current business. If after your pitch investors still have no idea what you are trying to do or what your business is hoping to achieve…you need to up your game.

Joining The Pitch Deck today is angel investor, strategy advisor, entrepreneur and professor of Entrepreneurship at the Moore School of Business, Julie Iarossi. Julie has a wealth of knowledge in the entrepreneurial and startup world. She begun in engineering and has spent the last 25 years helping businesses with commercial banking and wealth management. Julie and I dive into her years of experience to help you to take the first steps needed before you even think about pitching an investor for the first time. Don’t miss this episode’s tips that will ensure you NEVER experience the investment pitch “Kiss of Death!”

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why you need to poll your customers and get early feedback before you pitch.
  • What Julie means when she says she needs to be wowed by a pitch.
  • How to create interest and delight in potential investors.
  • Julie’s pitch kiss of death.
  • The questions you should be asking BEFORE your pitch.
  • Why you have no excuses not to be prepared for your first pitch.

Featured On The Show:

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