Finding the Intersection of Good and Profit – Kanyi Maqubela, Venture Capitalist with The Collaborative Fund

Kanyi MaqubelaHave you ever wondered what goes on in a venture capitalist’s mind when he watches a pitch? What drives him to pick one startup over another for an early-stage investment? What unique qualities does he look for in founders and founding teams? Well you’re in luck…Our today’s guest pulls back the curtain on all of these issues and gives us some phenomenal insight into the mind of an early-stage venture capitalist!

Kanyi Maqubela is a Partner at Collaborative Fund, an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in creative entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The firm has made over forty seed investments supporting the creative class, including Kickstarter, CodeAcademy, Good Eggs, and Hampton Creek Foods.

Join us as Kanyi shares his personal story of becoming a venture capitalist and how his views of today’s startup world have developed over the course of his career. Discover Kanyi’s unique perpective and priceless advice on what companies should strive for in order to make themselves appealing to investors. Check it out below.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Kanyi’s story of how he got involved with venture capital.
  • Kanyi’s first startup success.
  • What types of companies The Collaborative Fund looks for as investing opportunities.
  • What Kanyi means by the “Intersection of Good and Profit.”
  • Why he looks for “Unemployable” founders.
  • Kanyi’s most memorable pitch that was a “winners” before it was even finished.
  • Why establishing your credibility in front of an investor may hurt your chances of getting funding.
  • Kanyi’s top tips for a favorable outcome of the due diligence process.

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