Ep #24: Kat Vorotova, Founder, Try The World – How To Answer The Big 3 Questions

Kat VorotovaToday on the Pitch Deck, I have an amazing guest, the co-founder and co-CEO of Try The World, Kat Vorotova. Kat and her co-founder met at Columbia University while each working on Masters Degrees, and bonded over their love of international food and travel. While exploring New York City, Kat had already been blogging about her explorations into the amazing food choices available, and based upon her readers feedback, had come up with the idea to help people around the world share in the treasure trove of food that she had found. From her inspiration, Try The World was born, a subscription based box of authentic and gourmet foods from a different country, delivered every two months, is a dream come true for travel and foodie lovers.

Kat shares their incredible journey and how they juggling launching a new business, going to school and finding the RIGHT investors for their business. We dive into how Kat was able to identify the advisors and investors that has helped her company to incredible success and is revolutionizing the way that people shop for food online. You do not want to miss a second of Kat’s advice to founders who are struggling to find investors and what you need to include in your pitch deck that will catch the attention, and earn the trust of the perfect investors for you! Tune in now by pressing play below!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Kat’s business is revolutionizing the online grocery world.
  • Why understanding your client is so vital.
  • Kat’s multi-prong approach to customer feedback.
  • Why you should know the industry preferences of your potential investors.
  • Kat’s method for finding the right investors.
  • How having advisors who would invest in your company can help you.
  • The 9 key points to the heart of your pitch deck.
  • Why telling a story is important in your pitch deck.

Featured On The Show:

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