How to Test Your Sales Using Crowd Funding – Konrad Billetz, Founder of Frameri Eyewear

Konrad BilletzToday, we have an amazing guest that we are so excited to introduce you to – Konrad Billetz. Konrad is the CEO and founder of Frameri Eyewear, the first maker of interchangeable, prescription eyewear for men and women. Konrad was recently named in the Forbes “30 Under 30” in the category of manufacturing, and Frameri’s glasses were named one of the top 5 most ingenious eyewear products of 2014 by Vision Monday. TechCrunch also named Frameri as one of the first startups to disrupt Warby Parker’s reign.

Konrad joins us today to talk about his inspiring story of founding and acquiring funding  for a highly-successful retail company. Tune in as he shares his amazing advice on how to successfully to prepare and execute a crowd funding campaign as well as insights on how to raise money for your consumer business. Don’t miss this value-packed episode!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Conrad has come to found his disruptive eyewear company.
  • When Conrad and his team realized they needed to raise money.
  • How they proved that there was a market for the product.
  • How they prepared for their successful crowdfunding campaign and how they executed it.
  •  The importance of having a prototype you can show to investors.

Featured On The Show:

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