Ep #10: Lawrence Richenstein, Angel Investor, New York Angels – Swinging for the Bleachers

Lawrence Richenstein PicAngel investor, mentor and serial entrepreneur, Lawrence Richenstein, is our featured guest on The Pitch Deck today. Lawrence is an angel investor with the New York Angels, where he sits on the board of directors. He has invested in over 40 companies in the last 7 years that he has been together with the famous investing group. Looking at his background, it is easy to see why Lawrence is so successful with angel investing. He has spent nearly his entire life in the entrepreneurial world, from working in a family business, to starting several of his own. Lawrence has experienced all of the countless ups and downs that many entrepreneurs face.

Lawrence looks at his angel investing as an opportunity to swing for the bleachers, to make a big hit, because as an angel investor, one needs to have high expectations of any company that pitches to you. Do not miss Lawrence’s practical and straight-to-the-point advice on just what angel investors are looking for in a potential investment; such as return requirements, how long a company has projected their seed money will last, and finally, what their exit strategy is. Don’t miss any of his tips, they might just make the difference between going home empty -handed or with the backing of a seasoned angel investor.!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Lawrence was introduced to the New York Angels.
  • Lawrence’s philosophy about angel investing.
  • What a startup needs in order to get Lawrence excited about investing.
  • The mathematics behind angel investing.
  • Lawrence’s must-have requirements for selecting an angel investment.
  • Why you should never forget to discuss your competition in your pitch (and yes you should always have some).
  • The pitch red flags that you must avoid.
  • Why you should never ask for money if you don’t need it.

Featured On The Show:

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