Create Traction Before the Launch – Lisa Winning, Founder/CEO of HeTexted

Lisa WinningOn this episode, we welcome Lisa Winning to the show. She is the founder and CEO of HeTexted, a real-time advice platform. 3 million user sessions and 2 book deals later, the platform gives answers to the questions people care about most. Lisa is also on the Advisory Board of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, and Pride Live Nation.

After Lisa noticed that women around the world were looking to share, validate and get answers to questions they care about the most, especially dating and relationships, she felt like she had to create a community that revolves around these issues and helps women get what they were looking for.

Tune in for Lisa’s incredible story of how she started HeTexted and was able to get funding in order to grow it into the thriving business it is today. Lisa shares her unique advice, mistakes she learned from and some of the obstacles she and her partner had to overcome during their fundraising process. Don’t miss this phenomenal episode!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How and why HeTexted was conceived.
  • The techniques Lisa and her partner used to gain traction before the product launch.
  • How you can communicate the value of your product when the investors are not the target demographic.
  • Lisa’s biggest regret about the process of building her company.
  • How she approached the valuation.

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