Breaking Down Barriers – Lo Toney, Venture Capitalist, Partner at Comcast Ventures

Lo ToneyToday, we are extremely excited to have Lo Toney on The Pitch Deck. Lo joined Comcast Ventures in 2014, and is responsible for the Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund, which is focused on investing in early stage technology startups led by minority entrepreneurs. His investment focus is on consumer technologies including vertical eCommerce, marketplaces and on-demand services.

In the past, Lo has worked in eCommerce field for companies like Ebay, he’s been a CEO of an ed-tech startup and ran Zynga Poker Casino. His expertise is mainly in running teams and product-related projects.

Lo joins us today to share his amazing journey and the motivation behind becoming a VC, who is able to give his own experience as a way for an entrepreneur to think about different avenues that he or she can take. Based on his prior experiences, he talks about the challenges founders face during the fundraising process and imparts phenomenal advice on what you can do to avoid potential pitfalls. Don’t miss this informative episode!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Lo’s background and how he ended up in venture capital game,
  • What Catalyst Fund looks for in terms of potential investments.
  • What Lo does for startups that get founded by the Catalyst Fund.
  • How Lo reaches out to minority entrepreneurs in order to introduce them to Catalyst.
  • The common challenges the applicants face.
  • Advice to founders who are far removed from the hot-bed tech ecosystems.
  • What founders can do to get educated and get connected.

Featured On The Show:

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