The Deal Structure is Crucial – Matt Dunbar, Angel Investor with Upstate Carolina Angels

Matt Dunbar

Today on The Pitch Deck, I am honored to welcome Matt Dunbar. Matt is the Managing Director of the Upstate Carolina Angel Network and co-founder of the South Carolina Angel Network and Palmetto Angel Fund. Matt started out as a Chemical Engineer, but after just a few years in the corporate world, he was so intrigued by the business side of companies, that he rolled the dice and got accepted to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. From there on, his horizons opened up. After a few years as a business consultant, he was asked to run the newly-founded Upstate Carolina Angel Network and has since helped found two other angel groups.

Matt is here today to help founders get an inside look into angel groups, networks and all of the ancillary services related to angels, from the old way of raising capital (going door to door and meeting one angel at a time) to the current movement towards aggregation of capital and streamlining the processes. Matt and his group, Upstate Carolina Angel Network, is at the forefront of this change and you do not want to miss this chance to get an inside look in the structure and innovations that are coming to the angel investing world. Click “play” below!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Matt transitioned from Chemical Engineering to running an angel group.
  • Why Matt loves angel investing.
  • The purpose of a Side Car Fund.
  • Why Matt and his group of investors launched the Palmetto Angel Fund.
  • How Matt and his team approaches deal structures.
  • How to take advantage of Side Car investments.

Featured On The Show:

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