Ep #9: Matt Johnson, Co-Founder, Johnson Magrath & Partners – Make Your Investors’ Money Work For Them

Pitch Deck LogoUnlike most investment funds, where the tendency is to only invest for short periods of time, our special guest, Matt Johnson, and his company are not a traditional angel investing fund. They are, as Matt calls them, a “forever fund.” The reason for this title being that Johnson Magrath & Partners form long-term partnerships with their investments and help them through every stage of their development.

Matt is the one you want in your corner if you are pitching for investments. Win him over with your pitch, keep him interested and he will go to bat and help you and your business get the funding and support you need to succeed. With a diverse portfolio in everything from online business, medical equipment to tangible goods, Johnson Magrath and Partners may be the perfect fit for your startup. Listen in to learn how to tailor your pitch and mindset in order to get potential investors excited to invest in you!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Johnson Magrath & Partners’ journey into angel investing.
  • Why investing before a company it released an IPO is more profitable.
  • Matt’s goals for the future of his company.
  • How Matt’s company is able to be so diversified in its investments.
  • Why Matt wants to invest in more tangible products.
  • Matt’s requirements for a potential investment.

Featured On The Show:

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