User Growth for Startups – Maud Pasturaud, Growth Officer of Secret

10410605_10152412638872681_3384469106713590104_n___1_CA2_635568002386224400Today, we have a special treat for all of our listeners out there. Our guest on this episode of The Pitch Deck is an expert in growth for consumer startups. Maud Pasturaud is currently leading growth at the anonymous mobile app, Secret. Prior to joining Secret she ran mobile and international growth marketing for the flash sales site Gilt Groupe and customer acquisition at Jetsetter.

If you are a founder and you are in technology, products or service, using data-driven user acquisition strategies is a must, and in today’s environment, there is always more and more data to be analyzed. Besides the usual sizing up of the founder and the founding team, most investors are always looking for this crucial data in order to determine if your company is the right match for them.

Maud joins us on the show today to discuss the topics of user acquisition and growth which happen to be sticking points in investor pitches for many founders. Tune in to find out how to handle these investor conversations. Don’t miss this value-packed episode!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What growth is and why it is important for startups.
  • Three main things investors look at.
  • Maud’s customer acquisition tactics.
  • The mistakes startups make in regards to growth.
  • Everything you need to know about making a “Splash” in the marketplace  with your product.
  • Key metrics for analyzing your product market fit.

Featured On The Show:

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