Ep #30: Melissa Mash, Co-Founder, Dagne Dover – Finding that Lead Investor

Melissa MashMelissa Mash is the co-founder and CEO of Dagne Dover, a handbag and accessories brand disrupting the traditional handbag space. Dagne Dover caters to the modern on-the-go woman who carries all her tech – laptops, iPads and phone – along with her water bottle, wallet, sunglasses and other daily essentials. Dagne Dover solves handbag problems by providing fashionable, functional handbags that women ACTUALLY want to carry and are actually quite obsessed with!

I invited Melissa to the show today to share Dagne Dovers’ unique founding story, how they got the customers involved in the development of their product as well as their strategic approach to the product launch and funding. Join us to learn what it means to land a lead investor that will expose you to an array of opportunities that will accelerate your company’s growth exponentially. You don’t want to miss this tip- and strategy-packed episode that is sure to help you land that lead investor. Check it out below!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The story behind the founding of Dagne Dover.
  • Where the customer sales cycle truly begins.
  • Best way to create brand ambassadors.
  • How they found the first angel investor that opened the floodgates to other capital and opportunities.
  • How to adjust your pitch deck in order to make it more appealing to investors.
  • How Melissa put the founding team totgether.
  • The importance of setting the precedent of how you’re planning to communicate with investors.
  • Communication tips for keeping investors engaged.

Featured On The Show:

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