Ep #26: Dr. Merom Klein, Angel Investor – Create a Culture of Courage

Merom KleinToday, I am excited to introduce our amazing guest, Dr. Merom Klein. Merom is a business psychologist who advises entrepreneurs (either in large corporations or in startup ventures) on what it takes to get their BIG IDEAS adopted and executed as well as on building teams with the right talent in the right places with the right rewards to drive adoption. Merom is also an active angel investor and entrepreneur mentor with Keiretsu Forum, East.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in the field of psychology, Merom breaks down all the ways that entrepreneurs and founders can judge themselves to decide whether they are worthy to be the right leaders for their companies.  Don’t miss Merom’s amazing insights into the best ways to attract investors to your idea and business.  Click play below to find out what it means to create a culture of courage and get geared up for you next pitch!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • A little background on Israeli startup community.
  • Merom’s investment philosophy.
  • The importance of a strong leadership and culture.
  • How Merom determines the efficacy of a team that may not have been together for very long.
  • How the ability to create partnership is related to the levels wealth generation.
  • The importance of being able to step down as a leader as the company grows.
  • How early business decisions shape the culture of a business.
  • How to craft a compelling 15-20 second pitch to grab investor’s attention.
  • Other incredible tips that will attract investors.

Featured On The Show:

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