Play Your Own Game – Michael Bruch, CEO of Willow

Michael BruchToday, we’re excited to welcome Michael Bruch, the founder and CEO of Willow, a social discovery app created for people who value personality. Willow is a social media experience that emphasizes more than just a user’s photos. It highlights the uniqueness of everyone’s personality in a fun and sociable way. Their mission is to provide every single user with the opportunity to get engaged, talking, and ultimately meeting new people in a positive, light-hearted and fun way.

We invited Michael to share his inspiring story and journey to founding and getting funding for Willow and what he and his team are currently doing to raise capital from institutionalized investors. Listen in to learn about the power of networking, how it affects the fundraising process, and Michael’s tips on the topic. You don’t want to miss Michael’s advice that will help you prepare for your next meeting with an investor!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Michael became an entrepreneur and founded Willow.
  • His journey to launching Willow and getting funded.
  • His fundraising process and the challenges he experienced along the way.
  • Michael’s dos and don’ts of networking.
  • How he prepares for networking events and meeting.

Featured On The Show:

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