Why Investors Double Down – Michael Pryor, Co-Founder, Trello & Stack Exchange

Mike PryorOur special guest on this episode of The Pitch Deck is Michael Pryor. Michael is the CEO and co-founder of Trello, the free, flexible and visual way to organize anything with anyone. 

Realizing that at the time there were no companies out there, where developers could come together to work, Michael, together with Joel Spolsky, launched a software company specifically for developers. Over the past fifteen years they have worked on a large number bootstrapped and funded projects, some of which include Stack Overflow and Trello.

Mike joins us today to tell us about his startups (profitable boot-strapped software businesses as well as VC-funded ones) and shares his insight on when they felt it was appropriate to seek funding and why. Don’t miss this incredibly educational episode about investor relations, traction and how that changes the game and landscape!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Mike’s background story and how he co-founded Trello.
  • Why a company should (or shouldn’t) raise money.
  • Why Michael and Joel decided to create Trello.
  • How Trello works and what makes is successful.
  • How they acquired funding and why.

Featured On The Show:

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