Success on Angel List – Phil Nadel, Co-Founder of Barbara Cochran Venture Partners

Phil NadelThis time on The Pitch Deck, I welcome the incredible Phil Nadel. Phil is the Co-Founder and Manager of Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners.  He is a serial entrepreneur with successes in the finance, publishing, online advertising and e-commerce spaces. He is also a prolific early-stage investor, having invested in over 50 companies.

Phil started out as a serial entrepreneur back in college, where he was fortunate enough to have several early successful exits, which resulted in offers to reinvest in new companies. In the beginning, he invested in companies ran primarily people he knew, which helped him grow and expand his knowledge of the startup and investing world. But it wasn’t until four years ago that he really started focusing on angel investing as a career. Listen in as Phil walks us though the key parts of a pitch deck and talks about companies that catch his and other angel investors’ attention. Check it out below…

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Phil has grown as an angel investor.
  • One of the big benefits that Phil has experienced since co-founding Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners.
  • The non-financial benefit of working with Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners.
  • The different types of founders and entrepreneurs.
  • The biggest problem most founders have.

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