Create The Unforgettable Experience – Rebecca Kaden, VC, Maveron

IMG_27153_CA12318_635626533456842069Joining me on today’s episode is Rebecca Kaden, partner at Maveron, a consumer-only, early-stage venture capital firm. Rebecca focuses on partnering with standout entrepreneurs, building big, breakout consumer brands and investing in seed and series A stages. Her investments include Earnest, Dolls Kill, Darby Smart, August, Periscope (recently acquired by Twitter) and Newsle (acquired last year by LinkedIn).

Rebecca joins me today to shares her incredible journey from journalist writing for The Economist to partner at one of the premier early-stage venture capital firms. She shares some great tips, such as how to create a story that is so interesting that the VC cannot stop thinking about you, your story and your business. You do not want to miss this episode and Rebecca’s amazing explanation of what you, as a founder, MUST bring to the table for your potential investors, to have them clamoring to work with you.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Rebecca’s career focus transitioned from journalism to venture capitalism.
  • Rebecca’s #1 rule for working with teams.
  • The similarities between journalism and venture capitalism.
  • Rebecca and Maveron’s 10 traits of a successful founder.
  • The tactical and overall structure of the pitch that catches Rebecca’s attention.
  • Two ways to handle problems when you have a VC.

Featured On The Show:

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