Diversity Leads to Success – Rob Delman, Angel Investor, Managing Director of Golden Seeds

Rob-Delman-Pic1Our today’s guest is Rob Delman.  Rob is the Managing Director of Golden Seeds, an angel investor group that targets startups lead by women with the potential to grow into multi-million dollar businesses. He is also a limited partner in the Golden Seeds Fund 1 and Fund 2, ARC Angel Fund, Canrock Ventures and BluePrint Health, all of which invest in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential.  Rob is a limited partner and on the advisory board of AccelFoods, an accelerator for packaged food and beverage ventures.  Rob serves as an Advisor, The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia University where he has co-taught the MBA-level classes “Introduction to Venturing” and as an executive mentor in “Launching New Ventures” and “The Greenhouse Program.”

I invited Rob to talk about his amazing journey to becoming the established investor he is today. Rob shares his motivations behind his focus on women-ran ventures and why diversity is a great driver for success in today’s market. Listen in to learn about the specific elements that an investor like Rob looks for in a startup to help you set your company up for success and get the funding you are looking for. Don’t miss this episode!

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Rob’s journey to becoming an accomplished investor.
  • How diversity drives success.
  • The top qualities Rob looks for in founding teams.
  • The important  points that your should touch upon in your pitch deck.
  • The importance of knowing who you’re pitching to.
  • Why you should build personal connections prior to applying to investors.
  • Rob’s phenomenal tips to all founders.

Featured On The Show:

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