Ep #29: Sapna Shah, Angel Investor – Know Your Business Cold

Sapna ShahSapna Shah is an angel investor making early-stage and seed investments in retail, fashion and consumer startups. Sapna has over 20 years of experience on Wall Street and in major retailers, including Gap, Ann Taylor and Linens ‘n Things, and has co-founded several startups in the retail and financial sectors.

Last year, when she got out of two startups, Sapna felt that she had been seeing a lot of interesting entrepreneurs and ideas coming out of the fashion retail consumer space much more so than pure tech companies. Therefore, she decided that it was something she could get involved with and  not only help to fund them, but to truly help them to understand their consumers’ mindsets.

After investing sporadically for over 15 years, Sapna recently has really taken her interest and involvement to the next level. Today, Sapna and I dig into the importance of understanding your customers wants, needs, and desires and how this knowledge can put you light years ahead of your competition. Tune in to get the inside scoop from a retail industry expert on how you can hook your potential investors attentions as well as get customers in the door and keep them coming back time and time again!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Sapna helps startups get customers.
  • Sapna’s journey to angel investing.
  • How to complete most entrepreneurs’ most daunting tasks.
  • The #1 thing all consumer-facing startups need to focus on.
  • Sapna’s requirements for a potential investments’ founding team.
  • Why you need to have in-depth research on your consumers before going into your pitch.
  • What you need to be able to portray in 30 words or less in your pitch.

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