Stay at It – Shruti Gandhi, Partner at Array Ventures

Shruti_GandhiOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, I am thrilled to have Shruti Gandhi as my guest. Shruti is a managing partner at Array Ventures. She is focused on investing in “agitated” entrepreneurs that are working hard to reinvent today’s world of work. Shruti previously worked with True Ventures, Samsung’s Early Stage Investment Fund, and three other funds where four of her companies had successful exits in less than three years. 

Shruti brings an insightful look at how her company helps entrepreneurs. Bringing her engineering background to the venture world, Shruti is making huge strides in the way that venture firms work with founders. You don’t want to miss Shruti’s insightful, yet practical, approach that has already paid off for her and her investments.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Shruti stumbled into venture capitalism from engineering.
  • The two factors of successful companies.
  • Why you need to create a stand-alone deck.
  • The type of companies that Shruti loves to invest in.
  • Why Shruti asks for the deck before she will meet with a founder.
  • What Shruti wants to know from the pitch deck.

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