Passion for Success – Sim Blaustein, VC at BDMI

Sim___BlausteinToday, we are excited to welcome Sim Blaustein to The Pitch Deck. Sim is a partner with Bertelsmann’s corporate venture fund, BDMI. This fund focuses on seed and early-stage investments in digital media. Sim has led their investments in StyleHaul (sold to RTL), Dramafever (sold to Softbank), Jukin Media, Nativo, Food52, and Frank & Oak, as well as a number of seed investments.

If you are an entrepreneur with a focus in digital media, then you to need to listen up. Bringing his passion for business and engineering together, Sim started out working in venture firms until, ultimately, becoming a partner at BDMI. He joins me today to share his journey to venture capitalism and what you need to know before approaching VCs. You don’t want to miss Sim’s tips and tactics for ensuring you have your priorities and team in order before your next pitch.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Sim’s journey to venture capitalism.
  • How networking and karma helped Sim start out in venture capitalism.
  • The two separate vectors of firms.
  • BDMI’s philosophy for investing.
  • The three areas that BDMI focuses on.
  • Why cold calling investors never really works.
  • How founders can impress Sim and BDMI.

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