Using College to Your Advantage – Stephanie Weiner, VC at Bain Capital

Stephanie WeinerThis week, I am excited to welcome our amazing guest, Stephanie Weiner. Stephanie is a 22-year-old on the investment team at Bain Capital, one of the most premier VC firms in the world. Before joining Bain, she was a founding partner at the Dorm Room Fund.

While it is not every day that you hear of a founder at 22 years-old going out and looking for funding, it is not that unusual. What is almost unheard of is hearing of a 22-year-old sitting on the other side of that table.

Stephanie joins us today to shares her incredible journey to becoming a VC, that began with her first business at the tender age of five. Stephanie shares several incredibly important lessons that many entrepreneurs and investors twice her age still haven’t learned. If you are a young entrepreneur and are getting ready for or are still in college, you are going to want to pay attention to what Stephanie has to say.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Stephanie’s path to becoming a VC by 22.
  • How taking a wrong turn at a club fair changed Stephanie’s entrepreneurial path.
  • The problem that inspired the creation of  the Dorm Room Fund.
  • What founders who are currently in school need to be doing right now.
  • Why a college campus is the best environment to start a business.
  • How to get over or around the age bias.

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