Why VCs Love Lean Startups – Steve Blank, Entreprenuer and Author of The Startup Owners Manual

Steve BlankWe are absolutely honored to have Steve Blank on the show today. Steve is a retired eight-time serial entrepreneur turned author and educator who has changed how startups are built, how entrepreneurship is taught and how the U.S. government commercializes science.  Among his Silicone Valley ventures are two semiconductor companies, video games and enterprise software.

Steve’s first book, The Four Steps to the Epiphany, is credited with launching the Lean Startup revolution. His May 2013 Harvard Business Review article, “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything,” defined the movement. His latest book, The Startup Owner’s Manual, is used by entrepreneurs of all stripes to build successful companies, as well as by big corporations looking to stay innovative. It is the textbook of choice in entrepreneurship programs at universities worldwide.

Steve developed the Lean LaunchPad curriculum for teaching entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSF, Columbia University, and NYU. He is the architect of the Innovation Corps curriculum used by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and The Department of Energy to teach scientists and engineers how to commercialize their tech ideas.

We invited Steve to share his experience and expertise in the field of lean startups and why they are so appealing to investors. Join us to also learn about why some startups are very likely to get funded and others are not. Don’t miss this eye-opening episode jam-packed full of truths and myths about fund raising!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Steve’s background and entrepreneurial journey.
  • What the Lean Startup movement is all about.
  • Why startups are not smaller versions of large corporations.
  • Why using the lean startup methodology is a perfect catalyst to telling your story.
  • What Steve learned from delivering a large number of pitches.
  • Three different types of startups and why some are not right for funding.

Featured On The Show:

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