Ep #20: Steve Swanson, Angel Investor – Be Totally Invested

Steve SwansonDelivering your pitch deck as a used car salesmen is not a great idea if you want investors to back your company. In this episode you will learn why, as we are excited to have Steve Swanson, a Former CEO/Co-founder of Automated Trading Desk, to explain. Automated Trading Desk was acquired by Citibank in 2007 for $680 Million! You can bet Steve has some strong, raw advise for founders to crush with their pitch deck.

Focusing on an exit and pitching that vision to investors is something that will make you come off as a used car salesmen. Steve imparts great advice about being authentic and fully devoted in order to achieve the win-win strategy for investors and founders. Want to more advice from of this successful serial entrepreneur? Tune in now by pressing play below.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What it means to be totally invested and how investors react.
  • How scalability must be presented to investors.
  • The formula that Steve looks for in a pitch deck in order to invest.
  • How the fundraising mode can ruin your company.
  • The one element that will be your fuel to success.
  • Why communication with your share holders is a must.

Featured On The Show:

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