Get Ready For A Wild Ride – Sumeet Shah, Senior Associate at Brand Foundry Ventures

Sumeet ShahOn this episode of The Pitch Deck, we are happy to welcome Sumeet Shah to the show. Sumeet handles sourcing, executing and monitoring new opportunities at Brand Foundry Ventures. He has over six years of experience across the startup and private equity industries. Sumeet formerly ran the new business strategies at Gist Digital and handled business development and project work at Gotham Consulting Partners.

We invited Sumeet to the show today to share his journey into the world of venture capital and how he started working with Brand Foundry Ventures. He shares some killer information about the incredible work that they do, what they need from founders, and how to best grab and keep VCs’ and angel investors’ attention on you. You don’t want to miss Sumeet’s advice that can help you create an elevator pitch and a pitch deck captivating enough to entice and captivate an investor who is waiting to work with you!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Sumeet started in the world of venture capital.
  • What Sumeet and Brand Foundry looks for in founders.
  • The three P’s that Brand Foundry looks for in a pitch.
  • The two elements that Sumeet needs from an elevator pitch.
  • Sumeet’s most common founder red flags.

Featured On The Show:

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