How to Align with Your Investor – Susan Mason, General Partner at Aligned Partners

Susan MasonThis week, I am honored to welcome Susan Mason to The Pitch Deck. Susan is the General Partner at Aligned Partners, a Menlo Park-based venture firm focused on capital efficient investing. She has been a venture investor in the startup world since the mid 90’s.

Before becoming a VC, Susan spent time in engineering, marketing, sales, and general management at companies like NCR, Fujitsu and Fairchild. Prior to founding Aligned Partners, Susan joined ONSET Ventures, where she focused on building pre-wired startups for large corporations. 

Susan joins us today to share her incredible insight and wisdom on the best method to model your business after. With her advice, you can focus on the high pain points of your customers and create a company that will be a necessity, regardless of the financial climate.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Susan got into venture capitalism.
  • The purpose of the Kaufman Fellowship.
  • The premise of Aligned Partners.
  • How to avoid bringing misalignment to the table with an investor.
  • How to stand out and meet Aligned Partners investment criteria.

Featured On The Show:

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