Ep #6: Taylor Kilfoil, Angel Investor, InClin – How The Cool Factor Wins Over Investors

Pitch Deck LogoScience first, financial investments second…is where our featured guest, Taylor Kilfoil comes from to bring us his investment wisdom today.
Taylor is the founder and President of InClin Investments, LLC as well as the founder and COO of InClin Inc., a research organization servicing the biotech pharmaceutical industry. 

Taylor sits on a board of numerous investment interests with a wide range of startups, diversifying in assets such: as oil, energy, real estate, property development, vineyards and orchards. With this episode, you’re in for a good treat. You’re about to learn exactly what makes a startup attractive to an investor (Hint: it’s not your product or service)… tune in to find out!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The 2 main turn-over rates investors seek.
  • Why the level of dedication of a team can make or break a deal.
  • How having a high-risk product doesn’t scare away investors.
  • Why you should focus on having “the cool factor” in your pitch deck.
  • The expected transparency of your product and company investors look for.
  • The type of communication that keeps investors happy.

Featured On The Show:

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